Group 2

Alan Dowd attempts to convince the audience that America is thriving and stronger than ever, despite claims of decline. He also attempts to dethrone the validity of declinism. Dowd uses statistics, quotes from many foreign officials and knowledge of his audience in order to successfully persuade his audience.

We will demonstrate that Dowd's arguments work mainly in the context of his conservative audience. We will show that Dowd creates a tone of patriotism and condescension towards declinists in order to persuade his audience. We will use his statistical evidence, and his aversion of the opposition's argument to show how he deposes the opposition's argument.

We will all be working together in sync because our article is such that every technique is interconnected.
Peter: researching the context of the author and the essay
David S. & Dhanya: analysis of the article
David M. & Maria: extent to which he succeeds and his faults
all: put together the presentation

Stating the Issue:

Despite the push for government regulation, dealing with childhood obesity chiefly remains a parental and personal responsibility.

tags: childhood obesity, government regulation, parental responsibility, liberals, republicans


Should the parents be blamed for their children's obesity issues?
Should the government regulate and legislate on the issue of obesity?
To what extent does the government hold responsibility for the issues of our bodies?
Is it the parent's or the government's duty to watch over children's health?

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