Op Ed Possible Argument Worksheet

Use this Page as a Guide for experimenting with possible arguments.
The key is to use them flexibly.
Try one out and try one out again.
Refer to the other worksheets to help.
I'll continue with my medical marijuana example.

1. Conjecture

What exists?
What does not exist?
What is the size or extent of what exists?
Does it exist in the past?
Will it exist in the future?

I may argue that there is currently available a drug with few side effects that can ameliorate the pain of serious illness and treatment.
I may argue that currently, several cities adequately control the distribution of marijuana for medicinal purposes.
I may argue that currently there exists significant medical and patient testimony to support the use of medical marijuana.
I may argue that marijuana is being used for this purpose extensively but illegally.

2. Values
What is greater than the mean or norm.
What is lesser than the mean or norm.
What is relatively greater than something else.
What is relatively lesser than something else.
What is good, just, beautiful, honorable, enjoyable, etc.
What is better, more just, etc.
What is less good, less just, etc.
What is good, etc., for all persons.
What is good, ect., for a few persons or groups.
What has been better, etc., in the past.
What will be better,etc. in the future.

I may consider the following possible arguments:
It is unjust to keep a viable, relatively harmless treatment from patients who could benefit.
It is better to offer a remedy that's shown to have few dangerous side effects than current remedies.
That medicinal marijuana is more effective than similar treatments.
That it is unjust to classify medical marijuana in the same way that we classify narcotics.
That regulating medical marijuana is better than the current system of illegally distribution.
That the current argument against medical marijuana is based on a community norm regarding drugs that marijuana doesn't fit.

3. Possibilities
What is possible.
What is impossible.
What is more or less possible.
What is possible in the future.
What is impossible in the future.
What was possible or impossible in the past.

I may consider the following arguments.
That it is possible to regulate the distribution of medical marijuana effectively.
That it is impossible to stop ist use completely.
That it is has not been possible to synthesize the ingredients in other forms than smoke and that a perfectly acceptable system exists now.

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