Op Ed Seed Sentences

Elena Bugor
1. Although many may think that a true Christian must attend church regularly, experience tells me that there is more needed to be considered a follower of Jesus Christ.
2. Many may assume that being rich is enough to fulfill one’s every desire, but experience has shown me that one cannot buy one’s happiness.
3. Although college education is important, however due to recession college graduates have hard time obtaining a job.

Joseph Park
People believe that in the epic poem, Paradise Lost, it was Eve's fault for eating the forbidden apple, but I believe it was Adam's fault.

People believe practicing a certain skill is an important aspect of improving in a certain field, but I believe that observing other people performing the skills are also important.

People believe that the Bible is a historical piece of literature, but i believe the Bible is a holy book that is an essential part of christianity.

Seong Man Kim
People believe that diligence is the only way to success but experience tells me that luck plays a big part in success.
People believe that certain atheletes are born with their talents but experience tells me that it was practice that made their talents.
People believe that one's personality is shaped by genetic traits but experience tells me that it's the surrounding that shapes up one's personality.
Lauren Tutnauer

People believe there's no such thing as fate, but from my experience some things are destined to happen.
People say that fad diets are a healthy and effective way to loose weight, but from my experience fad diets cause more damage then good and result in weight gain.
People have become overcome with fear of a swine flu pandemic, but from my experience swine flu is an overhyped media scare.

Courtney Skarupski

  1. People believe that getting into college is based on high SAT scores, good GPA's, and effective personal essays, but experience has shown me that much of the time, it's just about who you are and who you know.
  2. Many people believe that the Internet is rotting the minds of children and teenagers, but I believe that it is actually a helpful tool in the educational process and for gaining access to knowledge that would have previously been undiscovered.
  3. Many people believe that homosexuals have committed a sin by being with someone of the same sex, but I believe that you can't help you who fall in love with.

Sara Kaplan

-Worldwide media portrayal of the Israeli operation in Gaza that occurred in January 2009 is grossly biased.
-Television networks misrepresentation of current events is a problem throughout the world.
-Most people believe that the Israeli operation in Gaza was immoral, but they don’t have the facts. Their views are based on prejudiced media sources that are incapable of delivering objective information.

David Morrissey

Although all humans are genetically 99.9% identical, in reality we think 99.9% differently.
Without technology, the younger generation would not make difference in the world.
Unless parents get involved, obesity in children will continue.

Dhanya Sridhar

Although each generation claims that the next generation's caliber of music has deteriorated, I believe that the difference in musical quality does not necessarily mean better or worse.

Although biologically almost identical, socialization and civilization has conditioned women to adopt far more demeaning roles in society than men.

Most women feel wooed and afflicted by chivalry, but I believe that men acting as "knights" inherently relegate women to pitiful roles.

Maria Imburgia
-Despite the claims that the internet is hindering the development of our children's minds, I believe it's a tool to branch out of comfort zones and dive deeper into concepts.
-People say we gain and learn by experience, but what we don't realize is that as children, we were more knowledgeable in some aspects.
-People say that sports are a great recreational activity, but experience tells me that they have become more of a job rather than something to do for fun and enjoyment.

Jennifer Loeb
-Genetic research may discover medical advances that may benefit society as a whole, but the potential public exposure of this personal information has the possibility of formulating a new division of discrimination.
-Although social networking websites allow for constant communication and the development of online communities, the time spent dedicated to these online portals is questionable as a productive use of time.
-SATs are considered a good indicator of academic success among college students, yet this nationalized test should be questioned due to its underlying culturally bias nature and unmerited advantage to the wealthy.

Ling Wu
- Although there were many different religious belief in the world, i believe all religious want people to help others.
- Although Chinese government thinks Taiwan belongs to China, I believe Taiwan should be independent.
- Although many politicians promote many policy to improve health care, experience tell me they are just running their mouth.

Lindsay Ralbovsky
- Despite the fact that they know it's unhealthy, consumers continue to eat at fast-food restaurants frequently.
- People say SUNY schools don't provide as good an education, but I know that it's often times better than a lot of private schools.
- People say good things come to those who wait, but I realize you have to make things happen for yourself.

Diane Stamboni
-People say you need to study calculus in order to program, but experience tells me its rarely used and when it is, there are resources to refer to.
-People claim technology is harmful to youth, but experience tells me technology can be used to promote education in both academics and real life situations.
-people say you can do anything you believe you can, but experience tells me that certain things are not possible do to the limitations of this world.

Rebecca Aarons
-Despite the knowledge of the negative effects of tanning bed, I believe people value their image rather than their health.
-Although schools spend countless hours creating activities and teaching to their students to be drug free, I believe that these activities rather than scaring kids are just informing them of the drugs.
-Despite people believing that homosexuals choose who they are attracted to, I believe that there was a mistake and they were placed in the wrong body.

Eileen Richling
-Even though many people dislike or even hate America for it's many interventions in other countries, experience shows that if America didn't do it someone else would and people would dislike America for not taking action.
-Although safety is a concern at times, I believe that parents should relax and let their kids play.
-Despite the heavy reliance on testing, I believe that unless schools stop teaching only for tests, kids today will never fully develope their creativity and really learn.

Sukyong Jung
-Despite countless religious, ethical, and moral conflicts regarding stemcell research, it should be continued simply because it will save millions of lives.
-Although Resident Advisors (RAs) have had a limited role of being "watchmen" over residents, they should extend their roles to becoming counselors to whom the residents can go whenever they have troubles with whatever.
-Although many adults possess negative perspectives on the use of computer by children, I believe it can be an extraordinarily effective tool for their education if used properly.

Dinesh Kommareddy
-People say we live in country where I can become whatever I want to be, but experience tells me that the free market isn't always free.
-People say that the right to bear arms contradicts the need for a safer nation, however I feel that the true problem lies within violent mentality of the American people.
-People describe modern-day America's reliance on technology as a travesty to human work ethic, but growing during the early stages of technological achievement allows me recognize that technology can indeed promote work initiative to unlimited heights.

Matt Maley
1. People say you need to be athletic to take part in competitive sports, experience tells me you need dedication first.
2. Some say religion is the key to understanding our fate, my experience tells me we create our own destiny.
3. High school teachers stress the importance of memorization of facts, my experience tells me depth of understanding matters more.

Erin Farley
1. Receiving a college degree is becoming increasingly important in our society, but I believe the cost of higher education is getting out of hand.
2. Some people believe children should be seen and not heard, but I believe children can offer us profound insights through their imagination and innocence.
3. Although men and women speak about sixteen thousand words a day, I believe the most important things are said without words.

David Shotwell
1. Many claim that free downloads of music is piracy, but I believe that music exists to be circulated freely through the listening community.
2. Many people propose radical activism as a method of achieving political ends, but experience shows me that radicals are often more detrimental to their cause then beneficial.
3. Often people claim intelligence is reflected in one's academic performance, but i believe there are much more accurate ways to discern one's intellectual abilities.

Peter S Battaglia
1. Many people say that the recent mortgage crisis was a result of greediness in banks, but the facts show that government agencies, that coerced banks into making loans that could not be fulfilled, are the real group to blame.
2. Although universal healthcare sounds like a plan with overwhelming benefits, the implementation of such a plan would only continue to drain the coffers of the United States faster than ever.
3. Despite claims that a progressive tax system is most beneficial to a nation, a flat tax system, combined with a consumption based tax, provides a fair and predictable tax system for every single American citizen.

Michele Logan
1. People feel that science and religion contradict one another, but I believe that they are very similar.
2. People believe that standardized tests are an accurate measure of one's capabilities, but experience tells me that these tests are a poor judge of one's skills.
3. People feel that the death penalty is a just form of punishment, but I believe that it is a wrong and immoral form of punishment.

Katelyn Lavrich
1. People say a good education comes only from an Ivy league college, but experience tells me that public and other lesser known colleges can provide as good as or better education without the high cost.
2. Although some believe that tests are the only way of measuring intelligence, I believe intelligence cannot be determined by simply filling in bubbles.
3. Although some people think that people cannot like both science and english, experience tells me that someone can like all subjects.

Chelsea Robble
1.) Some teachers believe that having students learn on their own is effective, but experience tells me that being taught more thoroughly is the most helpful way to learn.
2.) Although some people believe that engineering is primarily for men, experience has shown me that women are just as able to the job as men are.
3.) Some people believe that a college degree is all you need to be successful, but experience has shown me that a higher degree will lead to a more

Michelle Jeon
1. People say a high GPA is the prime factor in getting a job in the business world but experience tells me that networking is the prime factor in getting a job.
2. Some people believe that high school english curriculums should be regulated but I believe that books should not bebanned and students should be able to read whatever they want in high schools.
3. Although many believe and are unaware of children trafficking, this issue is an ominous threath that is still going on in today's society.

Nina Li
1. Many people believe that technology is taking over our social lives, but I believe that it enhances our lives.
2. Many women believe that marriage will set them in life but I believe that it is crucial for women to develop a career before they get married and have kids.
3. Like at home pregnancy test, there should also be at home HIV test available over the counter in pharmacies.

Eddie Bejarano
1. People believe that foreign investment from the U.S. or Europe is necessary for South America to prosper however I believe that dependence on foreign investment has proven to be ruinous for domestic long term prosperity.
2. People think that letting Iran develop its nuclear sector would destabilize the Middle East however I think that it is in Iran’s sovereigns interest to only further its research as source of finding alternative energy resources.
3. People believe that after one year of college, some college athletes should be allowed to enter professional leagues, however I believe that it is pivotal to keep athletes in college in order to give them an education.

Phillip Emeritz
1. People say No Child Left Behind helps to improve knowledge, however I believe it only brings down schools and teaches a specific, inane method.
2. People believe legalized marijuana would cause chaos and crime, but I think it would reduce legal conflicts and aid the economy.
3. Some people think that interracial relationships are wrong, however I believe that train of thought is ignorant and promotes racism

Maritza Rodriguez
1. People say that women's sports teams are treated fairly, but experience tells me that women's sports don't get nearly as much coverage as men's sports teams do.
2. People say they care about animals but experience has shown me that very few people are really doing something about it.
3. People are constantly looking for cheap products however these products come at a serious price for the workers.

Jake Becker
- People often turn to what's politically correct when dealing with racial issues; I say, if I'm white, Obama is not only African-American, but black, too.
- Natural human emotion sympathizes with people with mental disabilities; are they not the lucky ones?
- There are those who condemn Israel for aggressive, instigative military behavior; if Washington D.C. was being rocketed by Canada, how would the US react differently?

Stef Carotenuto
1. People might not have to pay for the water they use so they do not pay attention to how much they waste, but I think it's important for people to monitor their usage of water.
2. Global Warming is a debatable topic in the world today, but I don't think it can be denied that there are ways for humans to conserve resources in order to preserve.
3. It is common for teenagers right out of high school to go to college, but I don't think people are always ready for such a step right after high school.

Mildred Ngminebayihi
1)People believe that immigrants are taking jobs away from legitimate American citizens; I believe that these immigrants are just more hard working.
2)Although people disagree with interracial adoption, I believe that race should not play a role in adoption procedures.
3)Most people complain that adoption procedures are tiring and unnecessary but I believe that they are essential
because children must have guardians who are capable of taking good care of them.

Ji Sook Han
1.Some people believe plastic surgery is important to appeal themselves, but i believe true beauty should be shown through inner personality.
2.People say going to IVY league is important to have a better high quality eduaction, however i believe other public schools offer a good education without a high cost.
3.Some people believe playing video games should not be regulated because of the privacy issue, however i believe the regulation towards viloence video games should be enhanced more.

Rosie Haller-Kaplan
1.People believe that racism in America has become progressively better, however I still see the hostility of ethnic groups towards one another.
2.People think that immigrants have negatively affected job opportunities for Americans, however I believe that immigrant do the jobs that no one else wants to do and for little to no pay.
3.People think that marijuana legalization will damage the country however I believe legalization will help boost the economy and reduce traffic in the legal system.

Amelia Leon
1. Many Americans believe that gun control laws protect their safety, but ultimately, these regulations restrict our rights.
2. Specialized groups like those advocating gay marriage and abortion seek to put new laws on the books to gain certain rights, when in reality, their rights are already guaranteed by the Constitution.
3. Development is killing America’s farmland, taking away our open land and transforming it into strip malls and movie theaters, destroying whole communities.

Sungin Ahn
1) People believe that China will definitely become the next superpower, but experience tells me that such speculation only creates a bubble.
2) People believe that those who live under China's "communist" government are being oppressed and should be given more freedom, but experience tells me that such a strict system is necessary for maintaining stability and control in the country.
3) People believe that security investment is a gamble, but experience tells me that security investment is more knowledge and skill than pure luck.

Katie Alers
1.) Most people claim to get cosmetic surgery for health reasons, but I think plastic surgery is an obsession that is creating a problem in the world.
2.) Some people think that drugs and prostitution only have negative effects on the country, but I think legalization with constraints will help to improve the economy.
3.)Millions of people have attended college, yet it can be very difficult to find a job opportunity due to job out sourcing.

Mellisa Roundy
1) People think that deaf students would be better off main streamed in school, but my experience tells me that these students thrive in deaf schools and universities.
2)Some people feel that deaf people should all get the cochlear implant to help them be able to hear, but with my experience in the culture, they prefer to stay how they are and live in their culture.
3)People often use the term "hearing impaired", but with my experience deaf people do not wish to be labeled that but deaf due to the fact that they feel they are not impaired, but different and coming from a different culture.

Amber McGlynn
1.)Some people think children should not be punished, however I believe children today need to be raised with more structure and discipline.
2.)People believe that women are treated fairly, but experience shows me that there is still an equality gap between the way men and women are treated
3.)Some people think that title nine has minimized the equality gap between men and women in areas such as sports and education, however experience has showed me that it has actually only made the inequalities more noticeable, and in some cases made the situation worse.

Ryan Merrihue
1) People believe expanding the NCAA tournament gives more teams a chance but I believe that it devalues the regular season.
2) People believe that some video games cause violent behavior but experience tells me that personality and upbringing are more important.
3) People say that the legal drinking age should be lowered to 18 but experience tells me that most 18 year olds aren't mature enough to have that privilege.

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