Op-Ed State the Issue Worksheet

Stating the Issue

To complete this assignment, you'll need to refer to pages 53 to 59 in the handout
The goal of the assignment is to help you learn to state questions so that you can clarify the topic of your researched argument.
Pay specific attention to pages 55 and 57.
To do this assignment, you will use the format of page 57.

Step One:

Make several sentences that assert a position you hold or might hold. You can use the following structures to generate ideas or generate your own.

X thinks or believes Y; however, Z.
Unless X state of affairs changes, Y will take place.
Unless we take X actions, Y will happen.
Although X, Y.
Despite X, Y.
Because X, Y.
Once X was so; now, Y is so.
If X continues, Y will happen.
If X is true, then we can expect Y.
If we don’t do X, then Y.
Since X is true, Y.
Some think X is so; in fact, Y is true.

Step Two:

Choose one sentence

Step Three:

"Tag" the sentence in as many ways you can think of just as we did in class.

Step Four:

State the issue using page 57 as a format:
The question framed specifically
The practical question framed more generally
The specific question framed as a theory
The specific question framed in practical terms
Very specific, very practical questions (at least one)

Step Five:

Post the question you will be researching and an assertion to go with it on the Researched Argument Issue Page

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