Researched Argument Dispute Worksheet

1. State the Issue in the form of a question and your working assertion from the State the Issue Worksheet

2. Describe the current state of affairs with regard to your issue. Think of this as the reason for speaking out. This can take several forms.
Describe a specific event that prompts you to speak
Describe a set of beliefs that others hold that prompt you to speak
Describe a set of consequences you foresee that prompts you to speak
Describe the actions of others that prompts you to speak
Describe what people do not notice or pay attention to that prompts you to speak

3. Who are the disputants? Name them as specifically as you can. Include yourself and your position as one.

4. What positions are possible on the issue you've described?

5. Where do the disputants stand on the issue?

6. What arguments do the disputants make? (refer to the "What arguments could I make" worksheet)

7. Restate the issue in the the form of a question:

8. State your position on the issue in the form of an assertion.

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