Researched Argument Overview

Researched Argument Overview
Objective: Give your groupmates an overview of an issue and its arguments.

Introduce your group to issue you are working on.
Your presentation must include the following:

1. A clear statement of the issue in the form of a question. That question will be the title of the presentation.
2. A description of the "state of affairs" that leads to the importance of the issue.
3. A description of the effects of the issue's outcome and who or what will be effected.
4. A description of the disputants involved.
5. A review of possible arguments that can be made from the perspective of the alternative positions.
6. A description of the positions taken on the issue.
7. Ten research questions that you are pursuing to complete your paper.

Handout assignment:

1. A chart that organizes the information in your presentation
2. The Ten research questions you are pursuing to complete you researched argument paper.
3. An annotated bibliography with six sources that pertain the issue:annotated-bibliography-guidelines

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