Rhetorical Analysis Group Presentation Guidelines

Group Presentation

For your group presentation, you’ll present a rhetorical analysis of an essay that your group has chosen from the section of They Say/I Say that your group has been assigned.

The presentation should be fifteen to twenty minutes long. In it, you’ll give us background to the context in which the essay you’ve chose fits, then tell us the results of your rhetorical analysis?

Part One: Context
What is the dispute that forms the context of the essay you are analyzing?
What is the larger and immediate background to the dispute? Consider relevant historical or current social, cultural, or political circumstances.
What possible positions do the other essays in the section represent?
Who are the stakeholders in the dispute and who does the outcome of the dispute affect?

Part Two: Rhetorical Analysis
Use the rhetorical analysis assignments sheet and notes on the rhetorical analysis to guide this part of the presentation. Like the essay, your presentation should have a strong central claim regarding the relationship between the rhetorical strategies the text uses and the argument your writer makes. It should also put the essay you are analyzing in the context of the dispute.

Create a handout that enables us to follow your presentation. It can be a series of bullet points, an organized list, or a chart.

Distribute an annotated bibliography with an entry for each section. See the wiki for instructions.

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