Rhetorical Analysis Schedule


March 8, 2010

Materials needed: Notes on Rhetorical Analysis, How to Write Anything pgs. 231-232, Handout on Stasis (PDF) We will practice using terms and concepts in class. Whenever you’re asked to analyze a text, you’ll be expected to use these terms and models to collect notes on the analysis. I will collect your notes in a portfolio.

February 27 Read:
The Section from TS/IS your group has been assigned
Read and Analyze:
“Lawsuits Against Obesity are an Effective Way…”

March 2 Read and Analyze
The two articles you’ve been assigned by your group
Read and Analzye
“Obesity: Much of the Responsibility Lies with Corporations”

March 4 Read and Analyze
The article your group has chosen to present on
The article you have chosen to work with
Read and Analyze:
“Fat as a Feminist Issue”

March 9 Read
Op-Ed Assignment Sheet

March 11

March 16 Draft of Rhetorical Analysis Due
Copies for Peer Group
March 23 Final Draft of Rhetorical Analysis Due
Rhetorical Analysis Portfolio Due

March 25 Group Presentation
March 26 By midnight— Personal essay rewrite

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